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Wall Stickers

This collection is premium removable wall stickers including tree, animal, flower, modern style, nursery decals, patterns and silhouette. All the decals are made of high-quality vinyl and easy to apply. Just Peel and Stick!!
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The actual size of your decal is listed above. the decal shown in the picture may not convey the siz..
$28.6 $22.4
  SIZE: 30cm wide x 42cm high   40cm wide x 56cm high  50cm wide x 70cm..
$22.5 $16.1
It adsorbs light and glows in the darkness.Ideal for applying on doors,lamps,household articles,bedr..
$52.4 $15.2
This wall decal is about a tall tree with some birds standing on its branches. You may paste this de..
$83.3 $56.5
This wall decal is one of the personal customised decals. The decal is a tree with some birds flying..
$117.8 $92.2
This decal is very nice, and kids like it very much. The animals are  so friendly say Hi, an..
$53.6 $34.5
Unicorn Name Decal set includes , unicorn, stars and custom name. All in your choice of colours. ..
$25.0 $23.7
The actual size of your decal is listed above. the decal shown in the picture may not convey the siz..
$28.6 $22.4
Our best-selling Skywriter Boy Airplane Wall Decal is personalized with your child’s name in p..
$26.2 $21.2
This wall decal is about 2 lovely owl are just playing in a swing under the flower tree. It is a..
$71.4 $34.5
This wall decal is about a set of alphabet letters all in animal shapes. It is a kind of nursery wal..
$53.6 $28.6
This Vinyl Decal will be perfect addition to any interior including Nursery, Bedroom. It can be also..
$29.8 $19.0
We have many different lovely and beautiful fonts for you to choose from for your own name wall deca..
$23.8 $17.3
This custom name decal for nursery and kids room is personalised with your child's name with Fai..
$23.8 $10.6
Decorate your daughter's room with these personalized gymnastics wall decals. Available in your ..
$14.3 $11.3
Stylized horse with a beautiful quote "If you climb into the saddle, be ready for the ride"..
$23.8 $17.3
This Aeroplane Decal with Personalised/Custom Name is perfect for your nurseries, kids rooms and pla..
$17.9 $11.3
This wall decal is a princess quote decal that you may have your own name customised. The quote ..
$35.7 $22.0
This wall decal is a black chalkboard wall decal. You may apply it in your nursery room as well as a..
$46.4 $35.1
The Blue Sky Growth Chart Decal including airplane,rocket, hot air balloon and clouds is the perfect..
$93.8 $78.3
A comfortable Decal suites for your personal space. This Decal adapts to your bedroom, or parlour. ..
$15.4 $11.3
This wall decal is about some concentric circles. You may apply this wall decal in your nursery r..
$57.1 $35.1
Colourful star wall stickers perfect for children's bedrooms and playrooms.   SIZE:&n..
$25.0 $22.6
This birch tree forest with a deer and buck are the perfect backdrop to set off your woodland nurser..
$130.8 $116.6
"Skate with me" Dinosaur skates on the skateboard. This personalised wall decal will add a..
$23.8 $20.8
This is a lovely animal wall decal that has four ducks following their mother. The ducks are so cute..
$29.8 $17.3
This is a customised namde wall decal in cartoon style. You may have your own name customised in thi..
$35.7 $29.6
Wall art decal features elephant, butterflys, Monogram and name of your choice. Great for children&r..
$34.5 $20.8
Captivate your baby's imagination with our friendly jungle animals nursery wall art scene featur..
$153.5 $113.1
Size: 300*180cm   Feature: - Easy to use, "Just Peel & Stick" type de..
$148.8 $45.2
Large Wall Tree Decal with colorful leaves made of very thin matte vinyl. Great for decorating any c..
$82.1 $69.6
Lovely Cats And Deer Decals   SIZE:  165cm wide x 110cm high    WHA..
$70.2 $58.3
Daily paper folding decals. Boat, paper plane, kite decals. It's perfect sticker for your laptop..
$35.7 $23.6
This is an animal wall decal with a cute owl standing on a branch. It is one of the nursery wal..
$47.6 $23.2
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Please add name and detailed color information (if applicable) to the Notes box    S..
$29.8 $20.8
Robot and gears with personalised name and monogram wall decal. This decal will look great in your c..
$35.7 $29.2
Custom Boat Name Decal With sea mew. You can customise this decal with your son's name. This Kid..
$35.7 $22.0
  One set includes 129 stars: 21 stars - 7.6cm each 36 stars -  5cm   each 72..
$47.6 $33.2
  You may apply this wall decal in your nursery room, as well as in your living room to brin..
$82.1 $58.3
This wall decal is about a lovely tree with some lovely birds around and a swing hanging on its bran..
$142.8 $80.9
Large cherry blossom tree wall decal with blowing flowers, birds and cages on it. 2 colors as your o..
$95.2 $80.9
This Palm Tree decal will be the focal point of your room. Decorate the room so that you feel as rel..
$39.3 $35.1
Sports Wall Decal with custom name makes your boy's bedroom Unique. We can do this wall decal i..
$35.7 $23.2
This wall decal is about a large linden tree with some birds flying around. You may paste this decal..
$83.3 $64.9
This wall decal is a group of beautiful butterflies flying on the wall. It is really charming a..
$47.6 $29.2
This wall decal is about an airplane flying over the sky. It is a kind of silhouette wall decal..
$11.9 $10.7
This wall decal is a kind of pattern wall decal. They are some lovely arrows. You may lay them ou..
$23.8 $11.7
This wall decal is two beautiful butterfly Dandelion flowers, and around them there are some lively ..
$57.1 $46.2
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This Beautiful Branch treet wall decals will let you feel in the nature! Our wall decals are ideal f..
$47.6 $41.1
This wall decal is a kind of quote wall decal with the saying: "Breathe"  You m..
$17.9 $11.3
When ordering your wallpaper mural please measure the height and width of your wall. If your wall si..
$33.3 $29.2
This is a set of butterflies wall decal. It is one of the nursery wall stickers specially desig..
$14.3 $11.7
  SIZE:  One Set contains 80 butterflies. 2.5 cm x 20 pieces    5 &nbs..
$47.6 $35.5
Bring your childs nursery room alive with this captivating nursery wall decor.   SIZE: ..
$20.1 $17.3
Monkey see monkey do, monkeys all over your room! Transform your nursery into a home for an adorable..
$85.7 $65.5
Based on 1 reviews.
Please add name and detailed color information (if applicable) to the Notes box    S..
$21.4 $11.8
This wall decal is a customised name with two lovely flowers respectively beside the name. And ap..
$29.8 $23.2
Welcome to our Wall Decals Section
Hello! Welcome to this huge collection wall stickers at our HappyWallz wall decals online shop. We are so happy that you are here, and it is a beginning of the transaction of your interior walls. We are so proud to introduce all the vinyl decals in this part to you: Tree, Animal, Flower, Modern, Nursery, Pattern  & Silhouette wall art decals.  Our vinyl decals are all made of high-quality vinyl, which will absolutely be harmless to your health, let alone to apply in the nursery room. What's more, they are so easy to install, you may get it done with your families or your kids and have some fun during the instalment. In this section, we have sorted our decals by their designs and styles. So you may easily find out what kind of decals you like. And you may also shop by room if you have already had a target place. Different sort of vinyl decals are in different styles, but we believe that you will finally get what you want here. Sincerely hope you all will enjoy shopping here!